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American Idol’s latest cast off

March 25, 2010
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American Idol’s elimination night details


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Gossip Girl – The Sixteen Year Old Virgin

March 24, 2010
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A recap of last night’s Gossip Girl from my perspective. These are only my opinions and thoughts on what went down but feel free to comment.

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Eclipse Arrives!

March 24, 2010
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Eclipse included in New Moon DVD

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Calling All Zanessa Fans

March 17, 2009
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If you adore HSM or just adore Vanessa Hudgens and want to hear her sing, she has a video that you would love! The newest video out there is Sneaker Nite, a cute pop song featuring glowing pink sneakers that will probably have little girls around going crazy! To all those parents out there, good luck and have fun! But if you can’t live without Zac Efron and Vanessa together, then why not go back a little and watch Say Ok, a video sung by Vanessa and featuring who other than her love, Zac. It’s a pop ballad perfect for those tweens and young teens who have a crush on a boy….with bowling, french fries, swings, and Zac giving Vanessa a piggy back ride on the beach it’s right up the tween alley. Zanessa sings, hoping to strike gold while going solo -well almost. 🙂

Princess Ri Ri wants to be Whitney?

March 17, 2009
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Rihanna is standing by her man, beating and all just like Ms. Whitney Houston did with Bobby Brown -funny same last name BUT thats not what I’m talking about. Shame on you for thinking that I’d be comparing in that sense. Nooooo but Rihanna may be taking on the same role Whitney played in The Bodyguard in a remake. The supposed remake would be “a young and sexy take” on the original with the possiblity of Channing Tatum stepping in for the role Kevin Costner originally played.

Seriously, I’m not sure this remake would have much of a chance of actually being anything other than a box office bomb but I don’t want to judge until this remake is out. That is if it’s ever actually made….

But in the mean time Ri Ri could ask Whitney for some advice on dealing with a Brown that likes to beat on women.

Twilight: The Board Game

March 4, 2009
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It’s official Twilight craze has not only swept the nation, it’s also taking over stores. You can buy bags, shirts, jewlery, key chains, pants, pajamas, perfume, Edward body glitter (so we can all sparkle), candy and more! The movie comes out on the 21st of this month with two books coming out just before its release but there’s more…Twilight takes over Monopoly sort of. It may not be Parker Bros original game but the Twilight Board Game will be hitting shelves on March 15th. The game will be based on Twilight trivia (start brushing up) and chance, just roll the dice answer the question and hop from scene to scene until reaching the prom. Sounds like it could be fun but I wish getting to the prom would have a better prize. How about Flightless Bird playing in the background and oh yeah R -Patz dancing with yours truly. A girl can dream and dream I will.

High School Musical 4?

March 4, 2009
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Yup that’s right… HSM 4 will begin filming later this year. The newest addition to the uber popular series will not be in theatres, nope it’ll be on the Disney Channel just like the first two. The new film will debut in 2010 and will be filled with as much song and dance as those that came before it but there will be one big difference – a new cast! HSM 3 gave us the graduation of Zac, Vanessa, Corbin, Ashley and the rest of the crew so who will replace the crazy wildcats? Well that information still isn’t avaliable but the basic plot is avaliable. It seems as though in the newest installment there will be a love story and a cross -town rivalry between those crazy East High Wildcats and their basketball enemies, the West High Knights. I’m not so sure that Disney can actually pull this one off, their going to have to find a really good Zanessa to make it work. Does anyone think that the new kids at East High can work it out? I guess we’ll have to wait and see but there are always plenty of tweens.

My Opinion…

February 26, 2009
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So here’s the thing, obviously I’m all for blogging and getting as many juicy details as possible out of celebrities and their personal lives but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Sorry but sometimes things just get out of hand and honestly I’m sick and tired of Perez Hilton or whoever writes for him ragging on Vanessa Hudgens. It’s really simple she is with Zac Efron, seriously they’ve done a pretty good job of NOT hiding it! Perhaps some people heard of a little film that recently came out about the signs of when a guy’s not into you….well Zac’s the opposite. He’s young, she’s young and amazingly they are making it work in the crazy land we call Hollywood. Instead of being cynical and calling her names why can’t we applaud them for being young and having a good, healthy relationship. I mean with the tragedy of Rihanna and Chris Brown, WE should be higlighting Zanessa’s relationship. This is a healthy young adult relationship, like it or not. So go ahead and stare at those pretty baby blues but understand his baby blues want to only see her.

3rd Twilight Film Date Released!

February 22, 2009
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OMG!!!! We all knew that New Moon, the 2nd film in the Twilght series will be in theatres on Nov. 20, 2009 BUT the release date for Eclipse, the 3rd and my personal favorite book will be in theatres June 30, 2010! New Moon’s director Chris Weitz will not be directing Eclipse because he will be “wrapping up” New Moon when Eclipse starts shooting! YEAH I am so excited. It won’t even be a year in between seeing Spunk a.k.a. Edward Cullen a.k.a. Rob Pattinson on the big screen. This calls for a moment to swoon. Dreamy eyes and amazing hair….just around the corner. I’m telling everyone Elipse is the best, I love it and I’m sure the movie will be great. Let’s make sure the Twilight films continue to be a huge success!

Nick Jonas is Single

February 19, 2009
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I know that there are plenty of Jonas Bros fans out there so thats why this is going up. Sorry but I really don’t like their music, their looks oer crush their attitudes. But for those who do or for those who have an uber crush on Nick, he’s on the market. He was said to have been dating Selena Gomez, a star on “Wizards of Waverly Place” but when asked on “The Insider” Nick stated that he is “currently single.” So girls if you’re interested, this may be your chance but if that doesn’t work out, he can always be your eye candy!

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